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At ACI Estate Planners, We Are More Than Just Documents. We’re Real.

We are not merely attorneys – we are REAL people.  ACI Estate Planners are here to assist you with your legal requirements; always protecting your best interest with integrity and guidance.  We will assess your REAL needs and deliver exceptional planning and preparation for your financial documents. 

YOUR BEST ALLY for your Funding, Assets and Trust Planning Needs.

A living trust is the best way to prepare. Death should be considered a victory of all of your achievements.  Your loved ones are proud treasures that you helped to bring into the world, so now is the time to allocate the legacy of your accomplishments. With a foundation based upon the ethical legal process, ACI Estate Planning has the constitutional right to create a Living Trust for your heirs.  Using one of the most adaptable estate protection systems available, we will:

  • Ascertain your assets
  • Help you avoid the high cost and lengthy process of probate
  • Quickly release and distribute your family’s inheritance upon passing
  • Safeguard your estate from excessive capital gains taxes
  • Prevent conservatorship or guardianship if you become physically or mentally disabled
  • Make sure your children or grandchildren get appropriate education and assistance
  • Allow you to be totally involved in the decision-making for maximum control over your assets
  • Ensure ultimate confidence in your affairs

Don’t let another year slip by without planning for your affairs to be met.

Funerals can be costly.  Never leave your already-grieving loved ones with unanswered questions, squabbles or hassles upon your passing.

I am so thankful that my parents planned ahead for their time of passing.  The estate was divvied up between my siblings and the funeral was already prepaid, so at the time of their death my family did not have to take out a second mortgage to cover the costs.  We were able to lay them to rest with the dignity, respect and dedication they deserved because my parents had everything in place ahead of time.”

-Michele Glory – Jupiter, FL

ACI Estate Planning is much more than just a series of documents.  We care about the future of your estate with a Living Trust, prepared by us with you ahead of time.  Best of all, you can change or restructure your documents at any time.  You can re-evaluate and reassign your heirs as the need occurs.


  • The “Death Tax” can kill a family business, with over half of its assets being passed on from one generation to the next. Avoid losing your family legacy!
  • Average time spent in probate is 13 months throughout the country. Avoid lengthy and expensive court costs!
  • Over 90% of all probate cases are estates of single, widowed adults ages 60+. Don’t ripped off – call us!
  • Failure to use each spouse’s federal estate tax can cost nearly half a million dollars in unnecessary taxes. Put the power of a living trust on your side to avoid over taxation.
  • When a person dies without a will or trust in place, the court decides to whom a descendant’s inheritance will be distributed. Don’t let that happen! You should have allocations in place before death to avoid unwarranted family disputes.

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