Your real estate
investment specialist in Europe

We invest in a diverse range of distinctive projects across Europe – luxury residential, commercial, retail,
office space, hotels and serviced apartments – to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Then work with globally-renowned architects and designers to ensure their originality and quality.


About us

ACI Development Management is a private firm based in Italy that invests in real estate and private equity transactions.

We have a commitment to providing solutions and a business structure infused with an entrepreneurial spirit that enables us to engage in some of the most complex and creative transactions and strategies.

Our reputation and strong relationships have been cultivated over decades of experience. Most of our assets have been acquired in off-market transactions where we have executed some of the most notable investments in Europe.

Performing investments are numerous is Europe and
the opportunities to make beautiful business still numerous.

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High rental yield

Thanks to its expertise, ACI Development Management allows you to make investments that will ensure you an exceptional profitability of up to 10%.

Administrative procedures

To advise you, ACI Development Management relies on its legal department and works in close collaboration with a recognized law firm.

Property selection

ACI Development Management has a portfolio of properties that is characterized by its great diversity. Whatever your desires, your priorities and your budget, we can satisfy you.

Property management

Our proactive team is available 24/7 to guarantee you a quality service and optimized management of your property.

Why Choose Us?

Investing in Europe is opportune for those who wish to grow their wealth. Performing investments are numerous and the opportunities to make beautiful business, still numerous.

It is our business to accompany you in this market to guarantee you an efficient investment. To do this, we give you access to selected properties and provide you with a range of value-added services, including the rental management of your property.

With years of experience and expertise, real estate investing in Europe has no secrets for us. Our enthusiasm for our business and Europe is as vivid as we were in the beginning.

ACI Development Management has won the trust of numerous customers. We are committed to satisfy you.




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